Symbol of Strength Life is and always will be free for all of its visitors. Enabling people to adopt healthier lifestyles is a primary objective for this site. In an effort to offset expenses as well as support Kirk Pedersen’s recovery efforts we have partnered with a few reputable businesses that we believe provide great products for healthy living. By “clicking” on the links below, a small amount of money goes towards supporting the expenses of Symbol of Strength as well as Kirk Pedersen’s recovery efforts. If products are purchased we receive a small commission. Next time you plan to purchase something from one of the websites below, please come to first and follow our link before purchasing your products. It supports our mission and adds no extra cost to your online purchases. For the year 2014, $1,000.00 was donated to Kirk Pedersen’s Recovery Fund simply from people clicking on these links and making online purchases. Thank you for your support!

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