W.O.W. Workouts

“Celebration Loves Company”

Workouts Designed by Kirk Pedersen

In lieu of the phrase “misery loves company”, comes the title of this article. This is in reference to working out with friends, or at least establishing a network of support to staying on track with your fitness goals.

I use a real-life example for this article, my mom and her friends. The “Women of Wisdom” is the nickname that they refer to themselves as, which I have fittingly shortened to the acronym W.O.W. This is also a word I often use when taking them through their new workouts. Their initial attempts at new moves and exercises is accompanied by much laughter, but usually ends up with correct form and the questioning of the amount of repetitions they are supposed to do. As you might guess, they usually feel that the number is much too large, but reluctantly will give it a try. Most of the complaints are in jest, and they leave ready to take on the next two weeks of workouts. They see each other and talk to each other several times a week and workouts are always brought up. Sometimes it’s because they can’t remember how to do an exercise, or to talk about how hard one of the workouts was, or even because they were excited that they were able to perform something better than they anticipated. All along, they encourage each other and keep each other going.  They have now worked out consistently for more than six months!

Trying to make exercise part of your life, or adding anything to your already busy days, is not an easy thing to do. Use the innate longing for camaraderie and form your own exercise group. It could be what you need to get started and keep going.

The workouts inspired by the WOW group began very safe and basic, and gradually have increased in challenge and intensity. Much of the focus of the workouts is based on core strength and functional movement. Improvement with my Mom and her friends has been outstanding! We thought it would be a good idea to share these workouts with the Symbol of Strength Life visitors. This program of exercises will of course be posted under the category heading: “WOW Workouts”.