Feb 20

Embrace Your Environment

snowshoe7As the temperatures look to go back into the 30s again next week, it is obvious we are in the thick of winter. Unlike bears however, we do not have the luxury of going into a cave and sleeping for the next few months. We must not only survive, but try to thrive through the cold. I’ve always found the best way to take on the challenge of something hard, it is to make it fun. Therefore, I encourage you to not fight the winter, but embrace it!
How does one make winter more fun? Well, you need to find something you enjoy doing during this season that you cannot do any other time. You really do not look too far in order to find a long list of things you can do in the winter that are both active and fun.
From personal experience, there were two things I couldn’t wait to do once the snow fell. Chase rabbits with my beagles, and snowboard. Not as many people went to the state park by my house in the winter, so I was actually able to let my beagles off leash. Stomping through the snow chasing my beagles, who were chasing rabbit tracks, was not just fun, but great exercise. Right before my accident I tried out snowboarding. While not an expert by any TechniqueSkate2means, I loved it! Likewise, my brother has recently become addicted to what is called skate skiing. It is a hybrid made up of a combination of skating and cross-country skiing. Incredible exercise, with the ability to go pretty fast along the trails in the woods.
These are just a few of the outdoor activities available right in the area. Traditional cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, and for the extremists I even read about a new one called Snowkiting, are a few more to add to the list.
Another good thing about most of these activities, is that they can be tried out fairly inexpensively at many local Metro and state parks. Most of them offer rental equipment, and explain the types of offerings they have on their websites. For those of you in this area, you can go to this link to find out quite a bit.
If you are in another area, I am sure your local parks have a similar page on their website.
Don’t forget, you are not a bear, and the winter can be something to look forward to. You live in Michigan, embrace it!Snowkiting