Jul 20

Exercise Combats Aging Affects Of Chemotherapy

As if we needed another reason to exercise, research now shows that exercising while going through chemotherapy treatments for cancer can help combat the premature aging that is the usual result.
We all know someone or have gone through ourselves a battle with cancer. This usually includes chemotherapy treatments. Though often effective, these treatments tear the body down. Dr. Lee Jones of the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center says that “12 weeks of chemotherapy is equivalent to 10 years of aging.” That is a very extreme effect on the body! Fortunately, Dr. Jones also says that if patients perform exercise training throughout their chemotherapy regimen, they can negate the aging devastation almost completely. The amount and intensity of exercise is of course relative to each persons situation individually, and should be monitored by a doctor. The benefits, however, are clear, and well worth it!