May 21

Spotify’s New Feature Matches Your Workout Pace With Your Music

running_screenshot_1-750x1334Yesterday, the music streaming company Spotify introduced a new feature it will be now offering. It is called, “made for running.” It is an incredible system that will help people put together the perfect playlists for their workouts. This technology measures the rhythm of your running/walking/workout pace using sensors on your phone. It then searches your most recently listened to songs and selects the ones that match your rhythm and exercise pace. If you change the speed you are going during the workout, the music will change right along with it. It has been proven that listening to music while exercising improves performance. This innovation takes the improvement to another level. The playlists created will be instantly saved as well, so that if you want to start right off with them the next time you work out, you can. Chief Product Officer Gustav Soderstrom also said that the company has teamed up with Nike and RunKeeper to expand and continue work enhancing this system of combining music and exercise.
The company’s website offers a short video explaining it, check it out!