Nov 25

Thanksgiving Day Tips To Keep The Plump Where It Belongs!

2014_TPC_turkey_finalHere are a few reminders to help you make it through the holiday without adding an extra belt notch!
This is a repost from last year, but always worth remembering.
1. Do some form of exercise before you eat the big meal. The more intense the workout the better! Remember that exercise will increase your metabolism and allow you to burn more calories throughout the day.
2. Exercise as close to the time you are going to eat as possible. I realize this one could be tough for some of you helping in the preparation. Studies show that the first hour after exercising the appetite is usually suppressed, and it will keep you from wanting to eat too much.
3. Drink a full glass of water about 15 min. before your meal. It will make you feel more full.
4. Eat slowly. Enjoy the conversation and let the food settle during the meal. Again you will gain the feeling of fullness and ultimately eat less.
5. Do not take second helpings of anything! One plateful of food will be more than enough. There’ll be plenty of days to enjoy the leftovers.
6. Enjoy the turkey, and minimize the rest. Gravy, biscuits, butter, stuffing, and pumpkin pie are where a lot of the extra and bad calories will come from. The turkey is a low-fat protein source which will bring on satiety [feeling of fullness].
7. Exercise after your meal. A good 15 to 30 min. walk with family would be great to increase your metabolism and aid in your digestion.
8. Be thankful for your health, knowledge, and will power. They will help you get through this day without needing a group of pilgrims to help get up the stairs!

In addition to these tips that you can do on your own, you may also wish to join the many who participate in one of the multiple turkey trots in your area. Starting the morning off with a long walk or jog will pay dividends throughout the day, giving your body something productive to do with your food intake. Just go to runmichigan.com to find out where the closest run is to you. Having done the Detroit turkey trot several times, I can vouch for that one being a fun one. Many people sport Thanksgiving themed costumes and the last section takes place along the parade route where the streets are already lined with people.