Nov 11

Bounce Back To Health With Trampoline Fitness

In my continual quest to find more ways to get people moving, I stumbled upon a newer type of fitness class that seems to be gaining some popularity. Trampoline exercise or what is also known as “rebounding” fitness might be worth adding to your arsenal of ways to stay away from being sedentary. There are clear physical benefits to this activity that most of us think of as something that is just fun to do.
trampoline fitnessMini trampolines have been around for a while as a potential personal exercise tool. It is a little harder to workout on these as they are not large enough to allow one to perform many movements. The rebounding classes however are performed in large facilities [sometimes called trampoline or bounce parks] with the entire area being a giant trampoline. An instructor leads the class through many types of exercises as they would with any other group fitness class. The benefits are very similar. Muscular strength, flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance, core strength, and balance can all be included as possible outcomes from participation. In a study done by the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation moving on a trampoline while pumping weights can yield an average heart rate of 156 to 178 bpm. This is a similar exertion rate to that of jogging or swimming.
What separates trampoline fitness from other group exercise classes is the perception of fun associated with it. Even though we are contracting muscles, exerting force, using balance for landing, and increasing our heart rate, we’re doing it on a trampoline! Most of us associate bouncing up and down on a trampoline with something fun we did as children. Certainly this couldn’t be good for us also? Well, it is good for us and yes it is still fun.
Though rebounding or trampoline fitness may not be the answer to all of your exercise needs, it can certainly benefit you. We know it is better for our bodies to have variety in our workouts. Adding one as fun as this is worth a try.
For locals, there is a place called Sky Zone in Canton that offers Skyrobics classes for $10 apiece several days a week.