Aug 31

Add Some Variety To Your Push-up Collection

Here are two new versions of the push-up to add to your fitness arsenal.  These can be done at the gym or at home as our focus fitness group,WOW, demonstrates.

This first one, the stability ball push-up crunch, combines core with upper body strength to activate a multitude of muscles in your body. You can easily adjust the difficulty level of this move by moving the stability ball further down towards your feet and possibly even under your toes. Good luck with this exercise, it’s sure to be a challenge no matter what level you are at.



The second push-up focuses more on your triceps and utilizes a fitness band. Fitness bands are cheap, and are an easy way to add resistance to almost any movement.  You simply wrap the fitness band around your upper back and pull it through under your arms holding the ends in each hand. Difficulty level on this exercise can be adjusted by simply holding the fitness band tighter or looser. Enjoy!